Homemade Pastries

22 oz Premium Baklava made with walnuts and honey.  Apollo baklava truly are made by hand. Each pastry is painstakingly prepared from traditional Old World recipes.
24 oz Traditional Greek dessert made with shredded fillo dough, nuts and covered with honey.  Apollo handmade pastries are made with the finest ingredients-fresh nuts, eggs and exotic spices from around the world.
Made at GIFM A variation to baklava with a strip of chocolate. Made in our kitchen. May become a "sticky" situation when mailed.
Made at GIFM Baklava is our favorite dessert to bake! It is a rich, sweet pastry made of layers of filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with honey. Variations of baklava are enjoyed around the world. Made with pure ingredients, baklava is a healthy treat for any diet. Made ...
Made at the GIFM Kataifi is a sweet pastry made of shredded filo dough filled with stuffed nuts and soaked in honey syrup. Savored around the world, they made for a delicious dessert! I like to call it a twist on baklava. Made in our kitchen. Caution: May be a "sticky" situation ...
Made at GIFM Koulourakia are a traditional butter based biscuit. They are sweet with a hint on vanilla. Koulourakia are traditionally made for Easter but are savored year round with coffee, milk and tea. Made fresh in our kitchen. May become a "sticky" situation when mailed.
Made at GIFM Kourambiedes are traditional for Christmas, weddings and special events such as baptisms. They are a shortbread type of biscuit made with almonds and rolled in powdered sugar. Variations of kourambiedes are enjoyed around the world. They are savored year round with coffee or tea. Just make sure not ...
Homemade delicious pecan blossoms prepared fresh in our kitchen. A great combination of phyllo, honey and pecans. Caution: May be a "sticky" situation when mailed.
Melomakarona are a traditional Greek dessert mainly from flour, olive oil, honey and brandy. After baking they are dipped in hot syrup made of honey and sugar! Sweet and delicious! Typically baked during Christmas but we carry them year round! Made in NY by Titan Foods. CautionL Very fragile. Taste great even ...

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