Build Your Own Gift Baskets Perfect for any occasion! Give the gift of authentic flavors with hand selected imported items. Gift Baskets can be prepared at any price point. You are welcome to hand choose each items or offer us the freedom of designing a basket for you. Please CONTACT ...
Wear the evil eye for protection from black luck and negative energy. Fits size 6"-9". Adjustable nylon cord. Mother of pearl eye.
Fanti Maquereau in Oil 115g
500 g Horiatikes (Village Style) Hilopites are like the small square egg noodles but longer, that are often used in soups or a baked meat dish. Mixed with wine, fresh herbs and feta makes for a great meal! For recipe ideas: Product of Greece
500g Trahanas is a traditional pasta that is fried, used in soups and stews in the same manner as other pastas are prepared. Tarhana is made by mixing flour, sour milk, eggs, salt, and spices. It is a staple food item in every Greek household. Product of Greece.
Fantis Hilopites 500g Traditional Greek Egg Noodles made from 100% durum wheat semolina fresh eggs and milk. Boil 5 kilos of water, add one spoonful of salt, one spoonful olive oil and partially ½ kilo Hilopites, stirring continuously. Stop boiling after 10-14 minutes. Drain from water and pour with melted butter. ...
Fantis Zakinthino 350 g Traditional Greek cookies made of: flour, oil, wine, sugar, sesame, baking powder, soda, flavours. Product of Greece
Cotton. Hand Made in Greece.   Bib lining grey unless you request blue.
Glass. Greek Frappe at every hour of the day.   Hand poured by a small artist.   From the scent to the froth you will be transferred to a hot summer day in Greece!   Wonderful holiday gift for a coffee addict or Greece traveler!
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