Attiki honey is the premium honey of Greece. Attiki comes from a select variety of Greek thyme, wild flowers and herbs. Its unique taste is the result of a careful selection process involving the best honey varieties from all of Greece (Attica, Crete, the Peloponnese, Macedonia, the islands of ...
400g Honeycomb is a true delicacy of nature. It’s texture and taste liven many dishes! Enjoy on a salad, on a piece of toast or just pure! Brand may vary due to availability.
907g 100% natural honey. Halal Caution: Glass
Allow Katerina to suprise you with a special goodie(s). It's always fun to try new products. You may end up with something sweet, savory, a special tea or spice, a trinket.. There are many combinations that we can come up with. Surpises are always fun! Please leave us a message if ...
Melomakarona are a traditional Greek dessert mainly from flour, olive oil, honey and brandy. After baking they are dipped in hot syrup made of honey and sugar! Sweet and delicious! Typically baked during Christmas but we carry them year round! Made in NY by Titan Foods. CautionL Very fragile. Taste ...

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