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Nescafe 200 g

Nescafe 200 g

Nescafe is the classic Greek coffee that is used to make frappe, the original Greek iced cold coffee. To prepare an ice cold nescafe look below. Can also be served warm! 


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How to make 1 serving of Nescafe: 

1 ½ cup of cold water 
Sugar (optional)
Noy Noy Condensed Milk (optional) 
Nescafe Shaker or Mixer

Directions: Pour 4 tablespoons of cold water into shaker with desired sugar. Shake content well for 30 second to create plenty of froth. Pour frappe in a cup that is half full of ice cubes. Add milk and fill the remainder of the glass with cold water! Sit back and enjoy!

 Watch a Youtube on how to make a frappe! http://youtu.be/lbmWtPtZIZA

 Use Nescafe even in baked goods! For recipes: http://www.nescafe.com/recipes_en_com.axcm


  1. In a shaker or blender, combine:
    2 tsp NESCAFÉ coffee powder (e.g. GOLD, CLASSIC)
    2 tsp sugar
    1 Tbsp hot water
    200 ml milk, chilled
    1 cube of vanilla ice cream
    Crushed ice