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Nescafe Shaker Cup

Nescafe Shaker Cup

Use this handy Nescafe Shaker to make the traditional refreshing coffee of Greece. Sake around in a little dance to make the best froth in town! 

Nescafe Coffee and Noy Noy Milk.


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How to make 1 serving of Nescafe: 

1 ½ cup of cold water 
Sugar (optional)
Noy Noy Condensed Milk (optional) 
Nescafe Shaker or Mixer

Directions: Pour 4 tablespoons of cold water into shaker with desired sugar. Shake content well for 30 second to create plenty of froth. Pour frappe in a cup that is half full of ice cubes. Add milk and fill the remainder of the glass with cold water! Sit back and enjoy!

 Watch a Youtube on how to make a frappe! http://youtu.be/lbmWtPtZIZA