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Jotis Farine Lactee

Jotis Farine Lactee

"Instant Wheat Baby Cereal" 300g

Jotis Farina Lactee is an instant wheat cereal for babies. (after the 5th month). It contains 11 vitamins and iron and is well acclaimed in Greece for its quality, consistency and great taste! Farina Lactee is easily digestible and is prepared instantly with water.


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Contains wheat flour, milk, vitamins and iron. Ingrediants: Milk powder, wheat flour, sucrose, corn starch, demineralised why powder, whey powder, prebiotics, lactose, glucose, vitamins, flavousing: vanillin, galactose, iron fumarate.

Preparation: In a bowl, pour 200 ml previously lukewarm water, add 50-60g (9-10 spoonful) of product and stir well.